Abt me

Hi! I'm Glitter, or Leon if we're friends!I'm 21Taurus, INFP, Hope aspect

Current Blorbo list: Postal Dude. Moira from OVW. Sniper and Medic from TF2. Always Ash Williams from Evil Dead. Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey.

LOVE LOVE LOVE: Postal. Bloodborne. Awolnation. Oingo Boingo. Portal. Junji Ito. Specifically the lobster beanie baby. Spicy food! Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica. Writing! Mountains :) Cool wall art!! Clown dolls. Marionettes. Bones!!
You can always dm me to show me bones or mountains.
Like: Titus. The smell of cigarette smoke. Drawing sometimes. Venture Bros. Overwatch.Dislike: Modern Star Wars. Danganronpa.

My kins: Yondu Udonta (GOTG), Patrick Hockstetter (IT), Benrey (HLVRAI), Melon (Beastars), Chirin (Ringing Bell)
I don't care abt doubles. Let's be a cool little guy together